This is an article that was written by Ruth (Warfel) Robertson.

Andrew and Hannah Pittman were parents of three children, Alphorettam, a baby girl who died at the age of four months and seventeen days. Harry contacted pneumonia and died at the age of nineteen. The four of them are buried in a small cemetary located on Cemetary Road, off route 259N, near the town of Brush Valley, Pa.

Gertrude Pittman, the surviving child of Andrew and Hannah (Pittman) Pittman, Hannah no relation to Andrew, lived on a farm outside of Brush Valley with her parents. The farm was large and today route 259N goes through the "cow pasture" that belonged to the farm. The farm house is still standing with a few changes and the barn is also there in fair condition, When Andrew and Hannah sold their farm they moved into the town of Brush Valley. The house is located along the main highway and directly across from a small gas station-grocery store. After Hannah died in 1928, Andrew sold the house and went to Homewood, Pa. to live with his daughter Gertrude.

Matthew Anderson Miller, son of Michael and Susan (Lapool) Miller, lived about two miles past the Pittman's farm. Michael Miller ran a grist mill on his farm, his other children were John  Shields, Golden, Gladys, and Annie.

When Gertrude Pittman married Matthew Miller they moved to Bolivar, Pa., where Matthew worked at Hammonds grist mill and lived in the house beside it. The grist mill was located across the creek from the old Bolivar ball field, near the railroad arch, where the creek flows into the Conemaugh River.  His brother John Shields also worked with him. Florence (1899) and Cora (1902) Miller were born in this house.  From here the family moved to the corner of Second and Shaffer Street, this house was later known as the Moose Lodge Home.

Andrew Pittman bought a parcel of land on Shaffer Street in Bolivar for his daughter Gertrude, and Matthew built the family home and his own flour mill. Edna (1904) and Gladys (1910) Miller were born here.  The local farmers brought their corn and other grains to the mill to be ground and Matthew also made flour and sold to other customers in town.

At the beginning of every summer the Pittman Grandparent's would arrive at the home of Gertrude and Matthew in their horse and buggy, which had a seat in back of the driver's seat, and take Florence and Cora to the farm to spend the summer. This was about a four hour trip which started after lunch. Edna was not well enough to stay and Gladys was too young, but they did visit the farm with their mother at other times. Florence and Cora did small house jobs for their grand mother and would ride in the horse and buggy with their grandpap to take milk, butter and cheese into Indiana (Pa.) to sell on Saturdays.

When work was slow at the grist mill Matthew started working for Ridgeview Coal Company. While working outside doing heavy lifting he was injured and died within two days at the age of 50. He is buried in West View Cemetary, Bolivar, Pa. One of Cora's fond memories of her dad was his taking Florence and her on Sunday visits to the Modesto (Mose) Bernabo farm, who sold milk to the local town people. The farm was located half way up the ridge above the West Bolivar bridge. Also after the girls grandmother Miller died, their grandfather Michael Miller came to live with them until his death in 1912. He always sat in a chair beside the coal stove and slept a lot. About eight years after Matthew died Gertrude married a former boyfriend who had lived in Brush Valley, Daniel Donahey, and they moved to Homewood, Pa. Daniel worked for the post office.  Florence, Cora and Edna were married but Gladys was not and was living with her mother and step-father. Gertrude had asthma most of her life and was ill a lot of the time. She contacted pneumonia and died in 1930. Against the girls wishes, she was buried in Homewood Cemetary. Her daughter Edna Mae Miller Wunschell is also buried there. Four years after Gertrude's death Daniel committed suicide using a small hand revolver and is buried beside Gertrude in Homewood (Pa.) Cemetary.

The following is from a clipping found at the Historical Society files in Indiana, Pa.

Harry Pittman, a son of Andrew Pittman, of Brushvalley township died on Saturday of pneumonia after an illness of a week. He was aged 19 yrs-6mo. The funeral was held on Saturday. (4-14-1900)

From the 1850 census the following was recorded:

        Benjamin Pittman, farmer       age 30
        Mary Pittman, wife                age 32
        Jane Pittman                          age 11
        Miriam Pittman                      age 10
        Mary Pittman                         age 5
        Andrew Pittman                      age 3

This Andrew Pittman should be the husband of Hannah Pittman and the father of Gertrude Pittman.