Open Research Questions by Keith Clawson (March 2, 2014)

This article contains a list of research questions that I am currently pursuing.

  1. There is a newspaper article from the early 1850's of a Stewart Bible that was in the possession of James Stewart.  This bible was printed in Edinburgh, Scotland round 1750 and was brought over to America.  Does anyone know if this still exists and who may have it?  It is not in the Frank Stewart lineage.

  2. Are the Clawsons from Scotland?

  3. My great-grandfather, Harry Alfred Clawson, was married first to a distant cousin, Jane Anna Clawson.  She died soon after childbirth, one year after marriage.  She had a daughter.  Does anyone know what happened to her?

  4. Is there anyone from the Stewart line who would submit a DNA sample to see if we can trace the Stewarts back into Scotland?

  5. There was a Daniel Miller (1821-1900) who married a Martha McFeaters (1828-1884).  Does anyone know who Daniel's parents were?

  6. Does anyone know who Joshua Cole's parents were?  He was born in Maryland and move to Ligonier, Pennsylvania.

  7. Does anyone know who Andrew Cline's (1806-1876) mother was and anything about his father Samuel?  They were from York County, Pennsylvania.

  8. In my lineage, I have Henry Livengood (1815-1900) married to Mary Ann Willets (1820-1884).  Some other people have Henry being born in the late 1700's, maybe around 1790.  From the census records for several censuses, he is listed to be born around 1815, give or take a few years.  Does that mean that people have the wrong birth date for him because they also have him married to Mary Ann or is there a mix-up and this Henry (1815-1900) is not a son to Henry Livengood and Catherine Elizabeth George but is maybe a grandchild?  A will and other census records seem to support that this Henry is a son to Henry and Catherine.

  9. Who are the parents of Andrew Burkett (1815-1864) and where did he come from?

  10. Are Jane H. Michaels and Jane Hadden the same person?  I have them listed as the wives of David Jenkins Palmer (1821-1892).  Could Michaels have been a name from a previous marriage?