This is an excerpt from the book, 'HISTORY OF INDIANA COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA' by JOSHUA T. STEWART, published in 1913.

JOHN HENRY CLINE is one of the notable successful men of his section, engaged in farming, lumbering, milling, dealing, in timber land and general real estate transactions, and though he has now relinquished arduous labor he retains many important interests and continues his business activities. Mr. Cline belongs to an old family of West Wheatfield township, founded here almost a century ago by his grandfather, Samuel Cline, who was born in York county, Pa., where he passed the first part of his life, his family being born there.  Moving to is now West Wheatfield Indiana County, Pa., he lived there among the pioneers for a number of years, later moving to Greenville, Ohio, where he died.  His children were: Andrew, Henry, Samuel, and Kate, who married George Fulcomber and had children, George, Samuel, (who followed farming in West Wheatfield township all his life) and John.

Andrew Cline, son of Samuel, was born in 18O6, in York County, Pa., and came to West Wheatfield township with his parents in the year 1820. After working with his father for some time he rented a farm and began on his own account, this being the place owned by grandfather Sides.  He was a tenant there until he bought the property, which     consisted of over 238 acres, part of which he cleared and all of which he improved, in addition to general farming carrying on stock raising, making a specialty of hogs and fine horses.  Mr. Cline was a man of good education, in both German and English, and he also had exceptional business ability, which, combined with his thrifty and industrious habits, brought him unusual success.  His methodical management and intelligent care made his farm one of the best-kept in the vicinity.  Mr. Cline married Elizabeth Sides, who was a daughter of Adam Sides, and four children were born to them: (1) Samuel, born May 18, 1830, died March 2, 1908.  On September 27, 1860, he married Lydia Walbeck, who was born December 19, 1830, and died July 30, 1885. Their children were: Armenta Elizabeth, born July 16, 1861, married John Mabon; Anna Theresa, born September 27, 1862, married Joseph M. Mack; Andrew Curtis, born March 29, 1865, died April 6, 1866; Sarah Matilda, born October 15, 1867, married Harry H. Mack, Nora Eveline, born March 29, 1870, married John F. St. Clair, of West Wheatfield township, who is employed as pure food inspector by the State of Pennsylvania.  (2) William died in infancy.  (3) Anna, married Harry Penrose, of West Wheatfield township, and their children are: Andrew, Mary, John, Elizabeth, Joseph, Lloyd, Albert, Emory, and Charles.  (4) John Henry is mentioned below.  The father of this family died May 30, 1876, the mother died in 1886. He was one of the founders of the German Lutheran Church in West Wheatfield township, served that congregation as elder for many years and was always a liberal contributor to its support.  He and his wife are buried in the Lutheran cemetery there.  They were held in affectionate regards by all who know them.

John Henry Cline was born Juno 29, 1839, in West Wheatfield township, and there attended the Lynn school.  But his educational advantages were somewhat limited, for he began helping his father, farming and lumbering, at an early age.  After attaining his majority he "cropped" on his father's farm for five years, and then bought the Jacob Sides farm of 173 acres (which he later sold to his son Harry A. Cline).  Buying the Robinson gristmill in West Wheatfield he also operated that for a time, and then bought eight hundred acres of timber land, embarking in the lumber business quite extensively in his own and surrounding townships.  During this time he made his home wherever it was convenient, mostly in Burrell and West Wheatfield townships. He has continued to deal in timber lands ever since, buying the land, cutting off the timber, and reselling, and has also dealt largely in other real estate, being a notable shrewd buyer. He assisted in laying out the borough of Farrell, in Hickory township, Mercer County, Pa., built many houses there and had his own home there for awhile, but he preferred his native township. and in 1890 returned to West Wheatfield township, buying a fain of 135 acres where he resumed agricultural pursuits. He still manages the cultivation of that  place in addition to looking after his real estate and timber interests. There are two rich veins of coal underlying this property.  Mr. Cline is a self-made man, and all the success that has come to him is well deserved, for he has worked hard to make his ventures profitable, and all his advancement is due to his own efforts.

On April 26, 1866, Cline was married to Evelin Livengood, who was born September 20, 1848, daughter of Henry and Mary Ann (Willits) Livengood, of Derry township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, and they have had a family of twelve children, namely: (1) Clark, born February 7, 1863, now in the lumber business in West Wheatfield township, married Myrtle Robinson and they have a son, Clark.  (2) Harry A. is mentioned below.  (3) Joseph Wilmer, born July 29, 1871, was killed with a shotgun November 4, 1907, in West Wheatfield township,    and his body was not found until five days afterward.  He was in the lumber business and ran several sawmills, and having just sold his sawmill to his brother Harry had a large amount of money with him when murdered.  His slayer, Emanuel Betz, was convicted and is now serving a twenty years' term.  Mr. Cline was one of the well known young business men of his section.  (4) Annie, born May 9 1873, married Charles Rashon, an optician, of Johnstown, Pa., and has three children, Russell, Allen, and Hazel.  (5) Frank, born August 9, 1875, is working at home on the farm.  (6) Alice, born April 29, 1277, married Andrew J. Riddle, and died in 1899, and is buried in the Lutheran cemetery in West Wheatfield township.  (7) John, born March 28, 1879, died in 1898.  (8) Garfield, born September 24 1880, now: residing in St. Clair township., Westmoreland County, where he conducts a sawmill, married Sarah George.  (9) Charles, born October 21, 1884, married Ida Pickles and resides at Bolivar, Westmoreland County, where he superintends the planning mill of his brother Harry A. Cline.  (10) Daisy, born October 26, 1887, is at home.  (11) Jessie Hazel, born March 3, 1892, married Robert Black and resides at Strangford, Indiana County.  (12) George Homer, born October 31, 1889, living at home is engaged in the lumber business and also owns a sawmill.

Mr. Cline is a member of the Lutheran Church, which he serves as trustee.  In politics he was originally a Whig, but long ago joined the ranks of a Republican party, though he is independent in supporting whatever men or measures he most approves.

Harry A. Cline, second son of John Harry Cline, was born July 13, 1869, in West Wheatfield township, and there attended common school.  Working with his parents until he reached his majority, he then bought his father's farm of 173 acres, and far a time devoted himself entirely to farming.  Then he became interested in the lumber business, also running three steam sawmills, and he has continued to enlarge the volume and scope of his various interests until he now has one hundred men in his employ.  He owns and operates several up-to-date threshing machines, has over forty horses and does teaming, and is also successful merchant, owning a large general store at Bolivar.  He has continued his speculations in timber lands, of which he has become an excellent judge, and the system with which the different interests are managed shows him to be a versatile and thorough business man, alive to the possibilities of the various lines he has entered and capable of developing them.

Mr. Cline was married May 20, 1894, to Elizabeth Griffith, daughter of James L. and Phebe (Myers) Griffith, of New Florence, Pa.  They have had children as follows: John Lewis, Phebe Eveline, Myrtle Armeta, Theresa Virginia, Andrew Scott, Lillie Marie, Harry Curtis, and Ida Elizabeth.