This is an excerpt from the book, 'INDIANA COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA, HER PEOPLE, PAST AND PRESENT' by JOSHUA T. STEWART, published in 1913.

BENJAMIN F. DONAHEY (deceased) was a resident of Green township, Indiana county, almost half a century, having moved there with his parents in 1865 from Black- lick township, where he was born Feb. 7, 1849, son of William J. Donahey.

James Donahey, his grandfather, was an early settler in that section of Indiana county, where he owned land and followed farming until his death upon the place where he first located. His wife, who also died on the home farm, was an aunt of Richard B. Clawson. Mr. and Mrs. James Donahey had three sons and three daughters.

William J Donahey, son of James, was born Sept. 23, 1825, in Blacklick township, where he remained until 1865. He then removed with his family to Green township, and in 1868 settled on the farm there where his son James now lives. He cleared that place and remained there until his death, which occurred Sept. 22, 1889. He married Margaret Davis, who was born in Blacklick township Feb. 22, 1829, and died July 31, 1900. She was one of several children (all now deceased) born to David Davis, who was a native of Indiana county, lived in Blacklick township, where he bought land and engaged in farm ing, and died Jan. 31, 1855, at the old home. He was of Scotch ancestry. Ten children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Donahey: Benjamin F., born Feb. 7, 1849, is mentioned below; Martha Jane, born March 3, 1851, is deceased; Sarah Ellen, born April 2, 1853, is the wife of William Beck Rice, of Green township; James H., born Aug. 26, 1855, lives in Green township; Edward, born Nov. 25, 1857, lives in Grant township, this county; Frank D., born June 26, 1860, resides at Starford, Indiana county, and is a justice of the peace; Anna Mary, born May 30, 1862, died Feb. 26, 1865; Rachel Emma, born Dec. 6, 1864, is the wife of Wilbert Kidd, of Indiana county; William A., born March 4, 1867, lives at Wilkinsburg; Richard Milton, born Oct. 7, 1869, lives at Starford, and is a carrier in the rural free delivery service.

Benjamin F. Donahey spent his boyhood days in Blacklick township, and came with the family upon their removal to Green town ship, where he ever afterward made his home. He remained at home helping his father until his marriage. Mr. Donahey was the representative of a substantial and respected family, and was himself one of the most esteemed citizens in his locality. He died Jan. 10, 1913, of paralysis.

On Dec. 4, 1873, Mr. Donahey was married to Rebecca J. Clawson, a native of Blacklick township, this county, daughter of Richard B. and Rachel (Davis) Clawson, both of whom were old residents of Indiana county, the father having been born there, the mother in Connecticut. Mr. Clawson was a notably successful farmer in his day. He died June 22, 1896, his wife in 1899. Mr. and Mrs. Donahey had two children, G. D. and Gussie, both of whom live in Indiana county. G. D. Donahey married Ella McMillen, of Indiana county, and they have two children, Grace and Benjamin. Gussie Donahey is the wife of William Wike, of Green township, and has two children, Viola Rebecca and Veda Elizabeth. Mr. Donahey was a member of the Methodist Church at Dixonville, this county, to which Mrs. Donahey also belongs.