Family Pictures

This is Shaffer Street in Bolivar, Pennsylvania. This was taken somewhere in the early part of the 1900's. This is the street where I would grow up and the one my parents still live.  The view here is from Second Street and Shaffer Street.

The first house on the left was the house where my grandmother, Florence Hannah (Miller) Clawson, spent part of her childhood. This was later known as the old Moose Lodge.

The first house one the right was where Ralph Davis Clawson and his wife Jennie (Miller) Clawson lived. Later on, the house was owned by William Alfred Clawson, Ralph's grandson. The second dwelling on the right was the Miller Mill, owned by Matthew Miller (my great-grandfather). The third dwelling was where my grandparents, Alfred Bruce Clawson and Florence (Miller) Clawson lived.

Eventually in the 1960's, my parents, JR and Ginger Clawson built a house on this street.  This is where I lived during most of my childhood.  The house would be located past the second house on the left side of the street.


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